First and foremost I am a story teller. Working either as a researcher, editor, director and photographer shaping pictures and sound into the most effective way to tell the story. 

I have worked on a diverse range of formats from broadcast news through to corporate, lifestyle, magazine, light entertainment and reality. I have been lucky to have worked on number of Te Reo productions as well. But documentaries are my passion.

I am a documentary editor based in Auckland but will travel to wherever the work maybe.

To view examples of some my work:

Recently I finished editing: Making New Zealand: Power. I also researched this documentary as well.

Power tells the story of the gutsy innovative pioneers who built our power infrastructure. From the dams to geothermal and to nuclear, (that's right! New Zealand got very close to building nuclear power stations).

We tell the story of how electricity was brought from often remote and rugged locations to the cities and towns.

Power tells the story of the politics behind these big projects. It tells the story of the controversies: The Cook Straight Cable, Save Manapouri and the Clyde Dam. 

Power also celebrates the workers who's brains and brawn helped modernize our country. 

With a wealth of experience as a post production editor from 16mm film to 2K and many formats in between.
I trained as a film editor at TVNZ's Avalon Studio's working on some classic kiwi shows: Country Calendar, Radio With Pictures and Fair Go. 

Whilst at Avalon I trained in Vt technology, operating the last of the Ampex 2 inch machines, then 1 inch, Betacam Sp and Grass Valley 141 edit controllers.
In the early nineties I moved to Auckland and worked as a freelance editor. I used Dvtr's: D2, D5 and Digital Betacam.
For editing I used linear offline: Edit Master and Shotlister. I was an early adopter of non linear post production using:
Emc, Media 100, Discrete Logic, (edit), Final Cut Pro 7 and Avid Media Composer.

I own my own Avid / Final Cut edit suite which is optimized for HD post production. This edit suite is available for dry hire as well as with an editor. 

I can deliver to any format that you wish: From HD broadcast masters to high quality encoded HD video for the web, mobile phone and tablets
I also provide the services of Post production supervisor / Co ordinator. For more information Please refer to:

Eight years ago I made the move into directing with a pitch for a documentary called "Catastrophic Collisions". 

This then evolved into "The survivor Files," a ten part series, which screened on TV One.I was involved in developing the look of the show and directed X2 of the 10 part series. 

"Brett did a great job of directing two episodes of "Survivor Files' ,a series that grew out of an idea that Brett brought to us. Brett also came to us with several other promising concepts for documentaries and documentary series , one of which he had spent a lot of time researching and shooting interviews with prospective talent. The amount of time and energy Brett invested in each of these projects reflects his tremendous passion for the tv industry." Laurie Clarke, Executive Producer, Top Shelf".

Another passion of mine is photography:
In 1980 I completed Wellington Polytechnics School Of Design Certificate In Photography.
I have worked as a press photographer, (Nelson Evening Mail) and as a Documentary photographer, (Summer City, Wellington).
I own a Canon 5D Mark 3 that I run with Magic lantern software, this enables me to shoot in uncompressed HD. I also shoot from time to time on a Sony Ex3

Whilst researching with Top Shelf Productions I shot interview footage in HD that has been used in 'Making New Zealand".

Contact: Brett Corlett 6429 437 1777